Awesome Place To Visit In Minnesota

Awesome Place To Visit In Minnesota

Minnesota is one of those relaxing cities you can visit to get connected with nature. Its majestic lakes, magical sunsets, and parks are to die for especially if you want to breathe anew from your current city life.

If you are a tourist from another country, you might find Minnesota tempting to discover. Getting a USA Visa could be challenging because of the whole process of getting approval. Best is to course it through Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA.

While waiting for your tourist approval, it is time to discover first the places to visit in lovely Minnesota:

Gunflint Trail

The Gunflint Trail in Grand Marais is why your USA ESTA process would be worth it. It is a 57-mile roadway stretch and hiking paths that you can conquer to get attached to nature once again. You will discover the nice scenery that will definitely go to your Instagram feed.

In fact, the Gunflint Trail attract many hikers and campers, especially during the summer season. You can challenge yourself and your pals to finish the stretch and even do some ‘glamping’ when the night falls.

The Munsinger-Clemens Gardens

The Munsinger-Clemens Gardens can be found in St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is a two-separate but adjacent park that St. Cloud residents can go to. The Munsinger garden was built in the early 1900s in a spot of a former mill and serves as a memorial park to Virginia Clemens who suffered and passed away from multiple sclerosis for more than 40 years.

Clemens’ husband donated a designated plot of land that turned into a garden in memorial of his wife and her love for roses. It is a beautiful park to see to breathe fresh air and refresh your mind.

Split Rock Lighthouse

The Split Rock Lighthouse is located at Two Harbors and has a dramatic and elegant view of the Minnesota Lake Superior from the deck. The said lighthouse was up ever since 1910 after an infamous storm hit the city that caused vast shipwrecks.

The lighthouse is still in good condition and one of the best places in Minnesota to visit. It was recently restored to its 1920s look to preserve and showcase its strong history.

Jay Cooke State Park

The Jay Cooke State Park can be found in Carlton, Minnesota. The suspension bridge present on the said park is perfect for those who seek adventure and want to have some adrenaline rush.

Visitors can try the rough water of the St. Louis River for a fun-filled adventure in the day and re-enact some excellent action films. Or, if you do not like too much activity, you can just chill along the river or check-out the whole park and its refreshing beauty.

Interstate State Park

The Interstate State Park is recommended for couples or newlyweds to explore. It is located at Taylor Falls, Minnesota, and considered to be one of the most romantic places to profess your love for your partner.

Its incredible rock formation can leave you breathless, and its intense autumn swatches is picture-perfect.

The Minnesota Landscape Arboterum

The Minnesota Landscape Arboterum is a beautiful 1,200 acres garden of flowers and tree collections. It was started by the University of Minnesota Horticultural Research Center.

It is ideal for people who love flowers and touch of trees. Many tourists and other visitors explore the park and spend the whole afternoon there in the arms of lovely flowers and refreshing plants. Indeed, it is one of the places where you can make the most out of your ESTA Visa process.

North Shore

North Shore is located at Duluth, Minnesota and is considered one of most beautiful locations in the city. It depicts amazing cliffs, rock formations, forests, and scenic waterways – indeed an impressive view for every nature lover.

Turn your visit into a jampacked adventure by trekking and discovering the 151- mile stretch of the North Shore.

Ion Range Scenic Views

Located at the Northeast, Minnesota, the Ion Range Scenic Views is a man-made wonder that overlooks other scenic views nearby like the Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine, the Mineview in the Sky, the Leonidas Overlook, and other majestic lakes and mountains.

Minnesota is indeed one of the places where you can reclaim your love for nature and discover history. It is indeed a go-to place for some stress-relief and to witness magical sunsets either alone or with a loved one. These beautiful places will make you wish you can go back to and forth in the majestic place of Minnesota.

Getting your USA ESTA might be challenging, but it is all worth it. Similarly, if you plan to visit Europe someday, you would also need your ETIAS Visa Schengen ready whether it’s for a leisure or business trip.

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