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7 Things to See and Do in Ontario

7 Things to See and Do in Ontario

Being the second largest province in Kanada, there is so much to see and do in Ontario. From beautiful and historic cities to nature or amusement parks. You’ll never run out of activities, sports, and place to explore. Here are 7 good reasons why you should get your ETA Kanada right away to visit Ontario. For more information you can visit at Lincoln City vacation rentals.

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1. The Niagara Falls

People come here to witness themselves the pure power and magnificent view of the Niagara Falls. There are more than four ways you can explore the falls. First, is taking a cruise on a boat if you want to get closer to the water. It’s a great perspective looking up the 165 feet wall of water.

If you want an adventure, you can travel through the tunnels that take you behind the wall of water. Or, enjoy a thrilling … Read More