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Heading on a Bali Tour? Here’s What to Remember

Heading on a Bali Tour? Here’s What to Remember

Bali, one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia is visited by thousands of people around the world, every year. The scenic tourist getaway, Bali is known for its natural beauty, gorgeous resorts and yoga retreats. From scenic beaches to shopping hubs to exotic nightlife, there is a lot to explore in Bali. However, before you plan to book your Bali tour package, there are some important points that you need to take note of to stay safe and enjoy a memorable vacation. So, in this blog, we list some important points that you need to know before you take a Bali tour.

Details about Visa, Climate and Special Days

Approximately 169 countries from around the world can get free Bali visa for approximately 30 days. However, visa on arrival applies to the other countries is available for $35. Visa on arrival is, however, extendable only once. The wet … Read More

7 Things to See and Do in Ontario

7 Things to See and Do in Ontario

Being the second largest province in Canada, there is so much to see and do in Ontario. From beautiful and historic cities to nature or amusement parks. You’ll never run out of activities, sports, and place to explore. Here are 7 good reasons why you should get your ETA Canada right away to visit Ontario.

1. The Niagara Falls

People come here to witness themselves the pure power and magnificent view of the Niagara Falls. There are more than four ways you can explore the falls. First, is taking a cruise on a boat if you want to get closer to the water. It’s a great perspective looking up the 165 feet wall of water.

If you want an adventure, you can travel through the tunnels that take you behind the wall of water. Or, enjoy a thrilling ride and bird’s eye view as you fly over the falls in … Read More

For Life Followed His Course In Martine’S Kitchen

For Life Followed His Course In Martine’S Kitchen

The broth boiled, the soles shuffled and the whip whipped the cake batter. But suddenly, it was the drama. Martine needed potato starch for her recipe and her cupboard contained only potato starch. Olalala, what was Martine going to do? Go to CurieuseCuisine obviously!

Difference of language

Starch and modified food starch means exactly the same chemical product, ie starch. This is only a distinction of language.

While for cereals, we will talk about corn starch, wheat starch, etc. The starch of the tubers and certain stems will be given the name of starch: potato starch, cassava starch … Grosso modo starch obtained from aerial parts will be called starch and that obtained from underground parts will be called starch. However, there is a small exception for rice starch often referred to as “cream of rice” because of the texture it offers when cooked.

As for Maizena, it is only … Read More

Activities That Make Your Trip to Seminyak More Special

Activities That Make Your Trip to Seminyak More Special

If you are thinking about going to Bali for your next holiday, you are not alone. The island attracts more international travellers than ever thanks to its diverse holiday activities; there is always something to do in Bali for everyone. Different areas on the island offer different holiday experiences too.

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Seminyak is one of the most visited neighbourhoods in Bali for all the right reasons. The area is filled with great hotels and villas, incredible shops and designer stores, and some of the most beautiful beaches just waiting to be explored. To make your trip to Bali that much more special, here are the activities you definitely need to try.

Horse Riding to Canggu

Seminyak beaches are very easy and fun to explore. The white sand beaches are as beautiful as the ones you can find in Karangasem and other parts of the island. Seminyak is … Read More

How To Make The Most Of Your Canada Trip

How To Make The Most Of Your Canada Trip

Do you have the urge to travel without any destination in mind? There’s a country that’ll genuinely inspire you. It’s located in the northern part of North America. From high mountains and amazing glaciers to marvelous lakes and exotic forests, Canada won’t disappoint you. And above all, clean, safe, and friendly cosmopolitan cities are delightful for various reasons. The vastness of the country’s natural beauty is almost matchless around the world.

Here’s a practical guide for you before you travel to Canada:

Having Knowledge is Useful

Know the demographics of the country to understand everything around you when you get to the area, and deal with the people effectively. The country has a welcoming atmosphere. It’s the world’s most educated population because more than half of the residents have college degrees, and multicultural communities are present.

Be Familiar with the Geography

  • Canada is the largest coastline in the world.
  • In
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